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  • I confirm that I intend to proceed with the tenancy should this application prove successful, and that the information provided by me is true and accurate. 
  • I understand that to proceed with this tenancy I will be required to provide either a UK bank account direct debit, or a credit card for all monthly rent payments. Without either of these, rent for the term of the lease will have to be paid in advance.
  • I understand that if I am a student, or have less than 6 months UK employment history I will have to provide a UK based guarantor or pay a non-guarantors payment, equivalent to two months' rent.
  • I understand that if applications are not completed and full deposits received for all tenants within 7 days of completion of the property reservation form, the property could be remarketed and I may lose the opportunity to rent it.
  • I understand and accept the direct debit guarantee.
  • I have read and understood my rental obligation. Please click for copy of Scottish Draft Lease. Please click for copy of English Draft Lease.
  • I authorise Grant Property to request information from my bank or building society for use in their dealings with appointed credit referencing agencies.
  • I agree to the information provided being stored on computer and shared with selected third parties i.e. Insurance providers, Council Offices and Utility Companies (if applicable).